Monday, July 25, 2016

The 100 Guava Days - Day 4

Day 4 - Kinetics Advance Physiotherapy - Personal Training

Workout: Personal Training - based on your initial assessment, you will get a personalized training depending on your strength and weaknesses - it is also good to note that this is not my first time here (this is my second time in this studio, the first one was about 2 months ago and that was my initial assessment)
Teacher: Yana - She is amazing!!! She's very chill but she pushes me to do more and I go here mainly because of her, I can tell her which parts are still sore from previous exercises and she makes sure we avoid stressing those muscles to let them heal, she's also a PT so her main goal is for me to be able to do the exercise without risking any injury.

Cool Stuff:  It's a personal training! So the focus is on you and your strength and weaknesses, so what's cooler than that!?! The place may be small but that is because it's actually a clinic for rehabilitation and injury prevention. They keep a log of your visits and your assessment so each and every workout is different.

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