Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The 100 Guava Days - Day 53

Day... 53 :) Whoops!!! I know I know! I have not been so consistent with writing, but hey I have tried to hold on with attending classes, okay a little explanation here, I went out of the country on a 1 month vacay then struggled for about a month to get back then blah blah blah, so I was thinking too, since it's particularly hard for me to keep a daily journal, I might need to make it an every 10 day journal instead, yeah?

Workout: So what gives? I kept my yoga routine and proud to say I can now do full wheel, I'm not a super strong yogini but I love that it teaches me that practice and acceptance leads us to small wonderful feats! I even announced that to our monthly meeting at work! that's just how happy I was. I also continued with dancing and spinning and am now particularly in love with HIITs, but the news of it all is that I discovered a new workout, it's called Flyweight and oh damn it was so good! The concept is what they call "boutique boxing", so what does that mean? it's a boxing class, non 1 on 1, so you can do it at your own pace, teacher tells you what to do in an upbeat music and each of the student have their own station (punching bags) in a dimly lit room, I think the best way to describe it is, it is the spinning of boxing, they have several classes ranging from beginner to pro (contender, challenger and champion) I'm so happy too that it's just beside the L!FE yoga studio so it's very accessible to me. So I'm gonna start this come back with some Flyweight stuff.

Teacher: Clang - I particularly like her style, she's sooooo strong, even guys says her class is so hardcore! I love how she sings to the music when our arms feels like they want to stop punching. I always like when she sings and says "Ey Ey Ey" or "No Mercy"

Cool Stuff: it's all so new to me, I've never tried boxing before and I was always afraid because boxing gyms intimidates me, good thing about flyweight is every class starts with them literally saying "No Fighting! This is a non-aggro environment". They also provide the gloves, wraps and towels, so no reason not to go.... except that it's a bit expensive, well all workouts are expensive anyway, so thank you Guavapass!!!

After Workout: I've been to 5 classes and during one of the workouts I had there, I was punching the bag and telling myself I could survive doing one flyweight class a week because it feels like it's all the workout I need! Cardio and HIIT and an amazing stress reliever all in one, there was one class where I was mad and I was really thinking of punching the person that made me mad and after the class, I was all good and no one was hurt! ;)